Intra Home Systems Wireless Networks

Today’s rapidly changing technology allows us increased access to connect to one another and the world.  A strong, secure network is the digital foundation of any home or business. Managed networks allow for seamless WiFi coverage in your home, steer bandwidth where needed for streaming music and movie content, and reject interference in congested city environments. Intra Home Systems has years of experience designing custom wireless network solutions in all shapes and sizes.  We can create a custom designed IT infrastructure for your home or business that will allow you to enjoy the freedom of unlimited connection.


Proper planning and design are essential in creating an IT  infrastructure that will support your home or business presently, and in the future.

Our wireless network service capabilities include:

  • Site survey and assessment
  • Network design and installation
  • Performance testing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Customer support

Contact us today to see how our experienced system designers can create a safer,  more secure network for you.