Intra Home Systems Lighting Solutions

One of the core features of a home automation system is lighting control.  Controlled lighting can increase energy efficiency, add additional security, and enhance the comfort and convenience of your home or business.  By utilizing dimmers, sensors and preset lighting scenes, truly customized lighting is available to you at the touch of a button.

Energy Efficiency

Lighting control allows you to decrease your overall energy usage, thereby reducing energy costs. Dimmers, occupancy sensors and automatic shut off buttons enable you to save money on utility bills and avoid the frustration of going from room to room turning off switches.

Additional Security

Lighting control allows you to enhance an alarm system by  programming lights on timers to simulate an occupied home.   Occupancy sensors can activate exterior lighting, and the alarm, prior to an intruder entering the home or business.  Occupancy sensors can also provide an added level of safety to your family by activating when someone gets up in the middle of the night.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience 

Adjustable lighting makes it simpler for you to accommodate changes in schedules, space configuration and activities.  Scenes such as “wake”, “sleep” and “entertain” can be preset so that with the touch of one button all the lights in your home or business respond.  Streamlined lighting keypads eliminate wall clutter often caused by multiple switches.  Once again, occupancy sensors illuminate lighting when your hands are full of packages and you just can’t reach the switch.


IHS lighting designers have the necessary experience and expertise to design and install a lighting control system that is tailored to your budget, and specific needs. Our lighting control system installation services are performed by experienced, licensed electricians.


For more information regarding our lighting control services, or the benefits of installing such a system in your home or business, contact us.