Intra Home Sytems Home Theater Systems

A dedicated home theater is a room in which the environment has been precisely designed to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Special acoustic treatment isolates the room from outside noise, and measured speaker placement optimizes the sound. Sophisticated  theater seating is carefully positioned to allow for unobstructed viewing of movies, sporting events or your favorite television show on the big screen. Room lighting is controlled in order to ensure the best picture delivery from the hi-def projector.  Concession areas are located at the entrance, and you never have to leave home again to enjoy the high quality cinematic experience of a commercial movie theater. Intra Home Systems can build your dream home theater.


With numerous products and options available on the market, knowing where to begin with a home theater project can be a daunting task. Our award winning design and engineering team can work within your budget to create a breathtaking movie or concert experience in the relaxing comfort of your own home.

Home Theater System Design and Engineering services include:

  • Room location specifications
  • Detailed construction drawings
  • Speaker placement
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Sightline calculations
  • Equipment selection
  • Interior design and finish selections
  • Seating selection
  • System installation
  • Performance calibrations
  • Programming controls

Contact us today to see how we can enhance your home with a dedicated home theater systems.