Home entertainment system design has many facets.

Distributed to multiple locations or used as a stand-alone basis, home entertainment system design sources are a must-have feature for the modern household. The average American household has 2.89 TVs in their home and spends an average of 5 hours a day watching those TVs. With DVRs, internet streaming content, and OnDemand same day movie releases, entertainment is more popular than ever. Living rooms, family rooms, master bedrooms and outdoor patios are all serving dual functions as multi-purpose media rooms. Our design experts will specify the latest home entertainment products that seamlessly integrate with your decor. Personalized control is available with one app solutions from any smart phone, tablet, or remote control.

  • Distributed audio

Audio distribution is ability to have different music playing simultaneously in different areas of your home. Imagine Dad in his garage listening to Classic Rock, while Mom is in the kitchen enjoying her love songs, and the kids are out back by the pool jamming to the Top 40. No one has a boom box or even an iPod. All of the audio components are tucked away in central location, and control of each person’s music playlist is utilized by a touch panel, keypad, or iPad. Streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify and Tidal are all accessible without ever having to get up from your seat. Speakers are no longer heavy black boxes with tangled wires, but are designed to blend into surroundings in the form of in-wall, ceiling, bookshelves or even rock speakers, and everything is controlled with the touch of a button.

  • Distributed video

Its time for the kickoff of the big game, and Dad is out of the garage on the couch. Mom is upstairs catching up on last week’s episode of her favorite reality show, while the kids are still in the pool, now watching Top 40 videos on MTV. Much like distributed audio, a distributed video system is becoming more and more common for today’s lifestyle. Many homes contain multiple digital cable boxes, DVRs, and TiVos, recording devices that allow you to record and playback programs at a time that is more convenient for you to enjoy. With a distributed video system, any recorded shows can be viewed from any box, on any television, at any time in the home. Distributed video also allows a single video source, like a satellite receiver or Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple TVs. Distributed video let’s you conceal all the equipment in a dedicated location.

  • Seamless integration with your decor

With televisions becoming considerably larger and displayed in more prominent places, the black rectangle of a powered-off television can detract from an otherwise beautiful décor. Intra Home Systems has revolutionary products, from framed artwork to specialty mirrors that will conceal your television. We also have the ability to conceal speakers, projectors, and theater screens making today’s technology invisible. Contact us today to find out more about these exciting products.