Intra Home Systems Custom Home Automation

At Intra Home Systems, we offer custom home automation and control mechanisms that allow you to create a home that is uniquely yours. Designed to be managed directly from a smart phone or tablet, home automation services can help transform your home into a safer and more comfortable living environment.

Understanding Custom Home Automation

Automation allows all of the systems in your home, that you use every day, to communicate seamlessly with one another.  Automation allows you to gain total control of  these systems with a “one app” solution.


Benefits of Home Automation

  • Increases the safety of your home by allowing you to control lighting, shading, cameras, door locks and alarms
  • Increases energy efficiency by allowing you to control lighting, temperature, and shading
  • Increases comfort and convenience by allowing you to control temperature, lighting, and entertainment systems
  • Increases accessibility by allowing you to access all these systems from one location

The beauty of home automation is that it is personalized to you, your family, and your lifestyle.  It allows for expansion at any time with minimal effort.

Contact Intra Home Systems today and find out how our automation services can improve your home  and your lifestyle.