Protect your integrated system investment with a simple Customer Care program.

Intra Home Systems has one of the industry’s strongest Customer Care Programs.  We take a proactive approach to smart home ( or smart business) system management.  At the core of our Customer Care Plan is a remote management tool that allows our technicians to detect, diagnose, and resolve certain problems without having to come to your home to make a service call.  Think of it as the “check engine” light for your home automation system.  If in fact the issue at hand does require a service call, a  Customer Care Plan ensures you “front-of-the-line” status. It also includes an annual home automation “tune-up” that is critical to managing the system’s overall performance and lifespan.

The IHS team is guided by our 100% Project Completion Plan. We put as much emphasis on the last 2% of your project as we do on the first 98%. When you are satisfied that the project is complete, we will conduct comprehensive system training for the entire family.

Key features of the program include:

  • Remote monitoring and real-time error detection
  • Front-of-the-line status on service calls
  • Ongoing remote software upgrades
  • Optimized 24/7 network performance
  • Worry-free system operation of your network
  • Annual “tune-up” to preserve and extend the life of your system

For more information about our Customer Care Plan tiers and pricing, contact a IHS systems designer today.