Intra Home Systems Camera & Surveillance Systems

State-of-the-art hi-def surveillance camera systems allow you to monitor any part of your property.  Exterior cameras monitor gates, garages, and the perimeter of the property while interior cameras monitor entrances, valuables, or a specific room, such as a child’s nursery.  Camera surveillance systems will also enable you to keep track of people coming and going into and out of your home.  Utilize cameras in your business to keep track of inventory, monitor employees and safeguard your investments.



Protect your loved ones and your assets.

Intra Home Systems offers a wide variety of security camera options to meet all of your security needs including:

  • Pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • IP cameras
  • IR illuminated cameras
  • Motion detection cameras
  • Covert or hidden cameras
  • Digital recording systems

Our team will connect the camera surveillance system that is right for you to a high-quality DVR, a component that can digitally log weeks of activity. This allows for effortless playback through a television, smart phone, or tablet that can be accessed while you are at home or away.


Contact Intra Home Systems today and find out how you can make best use of a surveillance system to ensure your family’s safety and security.